About Us

The illusion and dream of founding a church was born by Pastor Ernesto Rodarte, who commented with his wife and joined in Christ were seeking the necessary means to make this possible. He gives testimony after going through different difficulties, he found Christ and was the one who changed it and motivated him to found this school that grew a society that was thirsting for Christ and started the church. The mission that has as a committed church is to welcome all those who need God, give an education in Christ and not only in Him. Also give them an education of humanity, they are taught this doctrine and so also basic education, middle and upper half . Its main goal is to remain as a solid company in the faith, that our students are forged as good people and that bring love and peace to others.



Our purpose is to be the engine and guide of our students, parents, mothers united in Christ so that they can reach their dreams, that our church is messenger of the word of God and that it welcomes to all that needs it.